Reduce Global Warming by reducing the usage of toilet paper !

We in the USA consume 6 billion pounds of toilet paper every year, which requires :
  • 54 million LARGE TREES
  • 50.4 trillion gallons of WATER
  • 3.4 billion gallons of OIL
  • 30 trillion watts hour of POWER
  • 4.2 billion pounds of air POLLUTION
  • 22 billion cubic feet of LAND FILL SPACE

Global Warming is caused by two main factors:

1. By excessive emission of Carbon Dioxide (e.g. by burning of oil in factories and cars, burning of coal to generate power, decaying of landfills, etc.) 

2. By having less and less trees to absorb this Carbon Dioxide (one of the main heat trapping gases).

As you can see, everything required to manufacture toilet paper contributes greatly to  Global Warming.

We welcome you to try the “Jetty” as an option to toilet paper, BECAUSE:

  • You will SAVE trees, water, oil, landfill space, and energy, in addition to reducing air pollution
  • You will perform HANDS FREE cleaning that allows you to maintain the highest level of personal hygiene, which is not possible with toilet paper
  • You will SAVE 50 % to 95 % of the money that you spend on toilet paper.  In addition, you would save even more money in plumbing fees to unplug toilet stoppages due to toilet paper.       

Once you use the Jetty, you will wonder how you  ever lived without it!!!

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