Scientifically, water is known as a UNIVERSAL SOLVENT, thus it possesses excellent cleaning properties.  It dissolves many chemical substances, such as salts, sugars, acids, alkalies, some gases and many organic molecules. Also, flowing water carries away germs and bacteria along with it.  That is why Doctors who believe in the highest level of personal hygiene recommend their patients to use water instead of toilet paper. 

Doctors regularly recommend the use of water instead of toilet paper in various medical conditions. Click on any of the medical conditions below to see more details.


So, we are suggesting to REDUCE or STOP using toilet paper!!

We ALWAYS clean ALL but one of our body parts with water, then wipe out water from the cleaned body parts with a cotton napkin.  The only reason we were conditioned to use toilet paper is that there was no convenient way to use water on our toilets.

Use Jetty!
Jetty was invented to replace traditional toilet paper.  It uses water to perform the cleaning task.  It cleans so well that you can use a small cotton napkin to wipe out water from your behind just like you wipe water from your body after a shower.
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