Men are generally considered less hygiene conscious than women.  When the Jetty was first invented, we therefore believed that women will use it the most.  - however, to our great surprise, MEN use it as much as women, and miss it greatly when away from home.

Personal Hygiene
Wiping with toilet paper does not adequately clean the hairy anal area.  The process of wiping with toilet paper also greatly increases the chances of soiling one’s hands – despite this, 30 % of MEN do not wash their hands after using the restroom. The Jetty is a HANDS FREE cleaning device which provides a  healthier way to feel clean, fresh, and confident all day long.

The Jetty will add an extra dimension to Men’s attractiveness – something they must experience in their intimate relationship!

Medical Conditions
Men often suffer from Constipation, Hemorrhoids, and various other medical conditions that make the use of toilet paper painful and undesirable. A precise and soothing stream of water from the Jetty lubricates the anus muscles as well as softens the hard stool, and thus reduces the discomfort caused during defecation.
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