The Jetty: Offering comfort and improved personal hygiene

What is the Jetty?

Cleansing with fresh water has long been embraced by most of the world as much healthier and more comfortable than toilet paper. The Jetty goes far beyond what mere toilet paper alone can achieve.

The Jetty is a personal hygiene fixture for your toilet, made of polished stainless steel sheets and tubes, similar to the stainless steel used in making medical equipment.

The Jetty can be easily installed on the most existing toilets in just a few minutes.  In most cases, you will need just a screwdriver. When you move, take it with you!

How does it work?

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With a simple control of a knob, it sprays a precise and soothing stream of water to perform HANDS FREE cleaning.  It cleans so well that you can use a cotton napkin to pat dry and reduce the usage of toilet paper by almost 100% saving $$$ for you while saving trees.  If you prefer to use toilet paper to pat dry, then you will save more than 50% of toilet paper.

Why is it better than toilet paper?

The Jetty offers a practical solution that is less irritable than toilet paper. Cleansing with fresh running water by using The Jetty is the most effective way to achieve the highest level of personal hygiene.

It’s also an environmentally friendly solution – saving trees, water & money. With each use of The Jetty, the demand for toilet paper is reduced, saving millions of trees. Not to mention the large quantities of water saved, plumbing fees and cost of toilet paper. 


Why are bathroom sinks, counter tops, toilets, etc., made of hard and smooth surfaces?  It is easy to wipe and clean these surfaces with dry paper.  If these surfaces were made of skin soft material with lots of wrinkles, it would be very difficult to clean. So, does it make any sense to use dry toilet paper to clean body parts that are made of soft and sensitive skin with lots of wrinkles?

Ask any medical doctor what is more hygienic – wiping with toilet paper, or washing with water and they’ll tell you that the answer is washing with water.  We clean all of the rest of our body by washing it with water. Let’s not ignore the doctors’ recommendation to use water to clean our private body parts as well.

We have progressed in every aspect of civilization compared to pre-historic humans, except one –  the pre-historic human used leaves and twigs to wipe – today, we use dry toilet paper (made of trees) to wipe.  You deserve something better and easier, which lets you perform HANDS FREE cleaning.

The Jetty is different from a “Bidet”.

Installation Procedure.

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