Seniors are one of the most valuable assets that our country has because of their invaluable experience and wisdom. They provided love and care while raising the younger generation. We therefore need to reciprocate by paying special attention to their special personal needs. More than 50 % of seniors suffer from Constipation, Arthritis, chronic mobility problems, Hemorrhoids, Fissures, and post surgery problems that cause great discomfort during the process of wiping with toilet paper. They deserve to live their life with confidence and dignity.


Constipation is the most common chronic digestive complaint among seniors. 1 out of 3 seniors suffer from constipation on a regular basis. They experience hard feces that are difficult to eliminate, thus irritating the colon and causing great discomfort. A precise and soothing stream of water from the Jetty lubricates the anus muscles as well as softens the hard stool, and thus reduces the discomfort caused during defecation.

Arthritis, temporary loss of mobility and post surgery recovery
More than 68 million Americans suffer from arthritis. Additionally, patients who are recovering from bone fractures or surgery have great difficulty in cleaning themselves using toilet paper because of restricted hand movements. Jetty allows them to clean themselves better with very little hand movement and helps them to regain confidence and dignity.

Hemorrhoids and Fissures
It is estimated that approximately 50 % of Americans have had this condition by the age of 50.They cause pain, itching, and irritation during the defecating process. Fluids emitted by the intestinal tract may contain irritants that may increase the fissures associated with hemorrhoids. Wiping the anus with dry toilet paper causes additional pain and irritation. Washing the anus with a cool stream of water from Jetty may reduce the swelling and increase blood supply for quicker healing and may remove irritating fluid. The use of the Jetty relieves them from pain and irritation caused by the use of dry toilet paper.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Incontinence
Frequent visits to the bathroom make the tissues around the anal area more sensitive and sometimes sore. The repeated use of dry toilet paper makes the skin more dry and itchy, which eventually makes it difficult to clean. A soothing stream of water will provide great relief from all these problems.
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