Why do we use Water to clean our body?
  1. Scientifically, water is known as the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT, and it thus possesses excellent cleaning properties.  It dissolves many chemical substances, such as salts, sugars, acids, alkalies, some gases, and many organic molecules.  Flowing water carries away germs and bacteria along with it.

  2. Water is an inert substance without any natural chemicals:
    Thus it does not harm our skin.

  3. Water has a UNIQUE capacity to refresh your mind and body:

    It makes you more focused and confident That is why you take a shower before ALL important events, such as:
      • going to places of worship (Church, Temple, Masjid, etc.),
      • attending an  important meeting,
      • going on an important date,
      • going to work,
      • going to a party, etc.

  1. Water has stress relieving capacity:
    Many find the touch, sight and sound of water to be calming.

  2. Religious / Spiritual importance of water:
    Water is considered a purifier in most religions. Major faiths that incorporate ritual washing (ablution) include Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Shinto. Water baptism is a central sacrament of Christianity; it is also a part of the practice of other religions, including Judaism (mikvah) and Sikhism (Amrit Sanskar)
So, why not to use water to clean the only body part that we do not clean but wipe with toilet paper?

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