Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and way of life, where complete harmony between our body and mind is achieved by special exercise, breathing and meditation. It is aimed at integrating mind, body, and spirit to enhance health and well-being.

Yoga greatly emphasizes personal hygiene.  Most authentic teachers clean their body with water (shower or bath) before performing Yoga / Meditation. It is not practical for a Yoga practitioner to take a shower / bath every time before performing Yoga.  So, the next obvious option is to keep your body as clean as possible to be “Yoga Ready”. 

Do you know that these teachers as well as true yoga practitioners DO NOT use TOILET PAPER but instead use WATER because of the immense cleaning power of water?

Unfortunately, the western toilets are designed to use toilet paper but not water.


So to be Yoga Ready, we invented the Jetty to replace traditional toilet paper.  It sprays a precise and soothing stream of water to perform the cleaning task.  It cleans so well that you can use a small cotton napkin to wipe out water from your behind just like you wipe water from your body after a shower. It thus reduces the use of toilet paper to almost ZERO, and you will simultaneously save one the most valuable resources on earth – TREES !
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